Sail Seeing What Others Can't.

Get the app for free and find out the first visual assistant in coastal navigation with Augmented Reality.

Locate yourself on the sea, explore the coast safely and discover points of interest. Mark on the map the destination you want to locate on the horizon and ShoreView shows you the bearing and the distance with Augmented Reality.

Enjoy boating the coast as you have never imagined before!

Digital Nautical Guide with Augmented Reality

Your best helper aboard.


While viewing our nautical guide, point your device at the coast or the sea and find the match between digital and real vision.


Caves, beach bars, restaurants, snorkel points, pharmacies… Shoreview shows you everything you can imagine.


Thanks to the land delimitation algorithm you will be aware of the obstacles you should avoid to have safe journey.

Welcome to boating with Augmented Reality!

Identify along the coast or at sea everything you can see in our digital navigation chart and discover how to arrive knowing exactly where is it.

Much more than a nautical GPS, a compass or a nautical chart.

Have it ever happened to you that you couldn’t find concordance between what you saw and the nautical chart? Now, you will just have to hold down over the map to mark a specific destination that you want to see and put up the device to locate it at the coast with your real vision. Set aside traditional nautical charts and upgrade to ShoreView.

Forget sea GPS and upgrade to the nautical revolution

The zone where you sail offers you more than you can imagine with a naked eye. Imagine that you are sailing and Shoreview app shows you an awesome place that you haven't planned to visit. Isn’t it wonderful?

Discover unknown corners of ShoreView

If you want to be among the privileged to know these places, all you have to do is point your device and a world of possibilities will open up before you: snorkeling areas, caves, secret places provided by expert skippers...

The Mediterranean and Caribbean coast at your fingertips

Find incredible places with ShoreView and discover where restaurants, archaeological sites, beach clubs, pharmacies, gas stations... There will be no secrets for you!


Identify the entire coast with your mobile.

The Digital Nautical Guide with Augmented Reality.

Your visual sailing assistant.

Visualize dangers and points of interest in the nautical guide.

Explore the coast you are sailing through with Augmented Reality.

Long press on a point that you want to identify for later.

Orient yourself to your destination even with reduced visibility.

Get your map and discover the entire Mediterranean coast with Augmented Reality.

Activate the point of interest that you want to visualize.

Filter by the navigation mode to see only what interests you. You choose if you prefer a good restaurant or a good anchorage.

Nautical guide with Augmented Reality.

Find the parts of the nautical guide that you are interested in and take advantage of the Augmented Reality to be clear where is the location that you are looking for.

Orient yourself on the sea easily.

Mark a point on the map and locate it on the coast thanks to Augmented Reality. Say goodbye to uncertainty at sea!


Get ShoreView for free and sail the coast like a true expert.

Enjoy ShoreView at your destination on the Mediterranean and the Caribbean coast. Get the maps of your area within the app. Choose between the 8 current destinations and prepare the sails for the new maps that we are adding.

Explore the coast
as never before

Find the services and activities in your destination. Point to the coast with your device with the Augmented Reality and you will be able to know what the zone is offering you before you arrive.

Leisure and tourism. Find touristic spots along the coast and at the sea: restaurants, beach bars, beach clubs, boats renting, ruins, monuments, panoramic views… or sand, stone beaches, snorkel zones, natural attractions, caves…

What do you need? You have information about ports, fuel stations, buoys rentings, free buoys, categorized anchoring areas with difficult tie-ups for hys.

Alerts and dangers. Know not sailing zones or immersed rocks as well as tides, swallow passing zones, seaplanes for hydroplanes, swallow ports or fishing and commercial ports.

Find this and much more in the most natural way.


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